How we leveraged the power of the Adecco Group's ecosystem to boost a customer's RPO solution

How we leveraged the power of the Adecco Group’s ecosystem to boost a customer’s RPO solution


A long-standing customer asks for support with recruiting tech talent

LHH, the Adecco Group’s workforce transformation provider, has been delivering career transition and redeployment services to this financial services company since 2015.

In 2021, the customer approached their team at LHH, asking for support with recruiting full-time employees for their new facility in New Jersey.

LHH turned to Pontoon to consult and design an RPO solution that would be suited to this customer’s needs.

The challenge

Pontoon leads the efforts of combined brands to deliver immediately

The customer needed to hire 500 tech specialists right away, and they did not have enough capacity to manage the recruitment in-house. Speed to hire was critical, so there was no time for a months-long RPO implementation.

Pontoon started building the overarching RPO model. We connected with LHH Recruitment Solutions and Akkodis, the Adecco Group’s tech and engineer staffing arm, to discuss options for plugging in their hiring capabilities. The combined team, led by Pontoon, designed a solution specifically suited to the customer’s needs in just 72 hours.

How we helped

Pontoon, LHH and Akkodis joined forces for a one-of-a-kind solution

LHH Recruitment Solutions and Akkodis powered their recruitment engines to fill roles immediately, giving Pontoon the time needed to set up the overarching RPO layer properly. We were operational right away through LHH and Akkodis, with Pontoon delivery ready for go-live in 12 weeks. Together, we reduced the solution standup timeline of 24 weeks proposed by another provider.

LHH’s Technology practice was instrumental in making the instant delivery happen. They deployed a local programme manager to drive the hiring efforts and be the central point of contact for the customer. The team was tasked with filling an initial 200 tech roles within two months.

Akkodis deployed their recruiting experts on the ground right away. They instilled a dedicated project manager to coordinate the work of four IT recruiters. Within the first 30 days, the team at Akkodis offered more than 20 candidates. After 60 days, the number of offers jumped to 130.

With the immediate-hiring solution in place, Pontoon could focus on setting up the long-term RPO delivery model for cost efficiencies and sustained support. We successfully deployed our Account Director and expanded LHH and Akkodis’ recruiting team, nearly doubling the size of the programme team. Pontoon’s recruitment experts started supporting requisitions while simultaneously standardising processes and building best practices. Together with our Analytics team, we created a reporting suite to ensure transparency across the entire programme. In just the first month, Pontoon filled close to 20% of the placements flowing through the RPO.

Our customer’s TA and HR teams were instrumental in the quick deployment, supporting communication, driving their hiring managers’ education of the programme and accelerating the recruitment cycle.


Speed and value delivered through the combined expertise of Adecco Group brands

We started with understanding precisely what our customer was looking for.

Speed to value was the top priority, and we needed to activate the recruitment engine immediately. We were able to do it by combining forces with LHH and Akkodis.

With the recruitment happening within days of signing the contract, we could build the full RPO infrastructure behind the scenes. The value-add of consolidating all services under Pontoon was the unified governance – our customer signed a single contract that encompassed the expertise of three different Adecco Group brands. The long-term benefits we bring under the RPO model include reduced time-to-fill and sustained cost savings.

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