How we hired niche technical talent for a manufacturing leader

How we hired niche technical talent for a manufacturing leader


Finding niche talent in a low availability market

Our customer, a leader in sustainable manufacturing, had an ongoing need to hire high-quality tech talent but faced challenges related to availability, attraction, and speed.

The uniqueness of tech roles – including their competitiveness and high skill level – made it difficult for the customer to acquire talent on their own.

We designed a customised RPO and talent acquisition strategy to bring the customer top-quality technical talent and improve their business outcomes.

The Challenge

Sourcing and hiring technical talent is not easy – it takes time.

Regular tech roles – we call them normal skill jobs – can take about a month to fill while other roles take even longer. That’s because many tech roles are niche skill jobs that require extensive training and certifications. Data Analyst, Cloud Engineer, CFD Specialist – these are just some examples of niche skill roles.

Additionally, the demand for technical talent can be greater than the supply. You have to bring a lot of candidates into the pipeline if you want to retain them through the entire recruitment cycle.

Our customer needed a provider that knows how to attract and hire technical talent in the face of those unique challenges.

They needed a talent partner that would be flexible enough to scale with them as they grew.

They needed Pontoon.


How we helped

Our RPO programme team – including an experienced Program Manager, Recruiters, Sourcing Specialists, and Coordinator – delivered a strategic solution to implement an agile recruitment process and branding strategies.

Our customised talent acquisition strategy involved:

  • an easily scalable solution for recruitment support
  • detailed candidate profiles
  • strong employer brand messaging
  • full outplacement services.

A solution focused on quality

We hired over 280 people in technology-centric roles in multiple locations in just a year and a half.

On average, we released 20 requisitions per month under our customer’s brand. Each role attracted 6 to 8 normal skill applicants and 3 to 5 niche skill tech wizards, including experts on Cloud Engineering, Cyber Security, and Big Data.

We attracted some top-quality applicants. In fact, 80% of all candidates who submitted their CV were invited for a first-round interview.

Given the competitive nature of the tech industry and our dedication to hiring only the best talent, 20% of interviewed niche skill applicants and 30% of normal skill applicants received a job offer.


Quality hires that drive business outcomes

Technology is at the forefront of our customer’s business. By delivering quality technical talent, we helped our customer to improve their outcomes, manufacturing plans, and innovation strategies. Ultimately, we helped our customer to achieve higher profit margins.

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