Custom care for unmatched service delivery

Custom care for unmatched service delivery


A misfire in programme launch

Our customer, a global technology leader, launched a new Vendor Management System in their talent programme.

Upon launch, many of the previous processes became disrupted.

The challenge

Creating a preventative solution

In order to prevent further disruption, we called in our OPEX team.

They created a ticket tracking instance to effectively carry out root cause analysis, a quality audit of each process, and resource modelling to allocate tasks to programme support individuals.

How we helped

Custom dashboards, with white-glove service

The solution created dashboards for granular visibility and resolution monitoring by customer stakeholders and programme leadership.

Ultimately, the team created a white-glove service team called Project Administration dedicated to helping business units navigate through challenging processes.


Unmatched service delivery

90% of tickets were resolved.

Audit processing was done within 30 days, at a 95% success rate.

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