How we achieved efficiency through supplier performance analysis

How we achieved efficiency through supplier performance analysis


Staying ahead of changing tides

The energy industry demands innovative thinking, robust partnerships, and an agile supply chain strategy. Our supplier performance analysis journey with an American Fortune 100 energy giant, who recently embraced Pontoon’s MSP programme, exemplifies how a “less is more” approach can turn the tide in favour of success.

The challenge

Forging a path to success with a streamlined supply chain

Our client, a major player in the energy sector, initially believed that a sprawling supply chain was the key to success. However, this approach led to significant issues, tarnishing their reputation with energy suppliers nationwide. Excessive expenditure and subpar supplier performance were the signs of a flawed strategy.

How we helped

Unveiling opportunities through Pontoon Intelligence

Leveraging the power of Pontoon Intelligence, our team discovered that the client was overspending on contract talent and experiencing lower supplier performance compared to our other programmes within the energy sector. Data revealed that hiring managers were sidestepping the MSP programme, incurring millions in additional costs.

In response, Pontoon introduced a tiered methodology to revamp the supply base. This transformation was anchored by supplier scorecards, enhanced communication, and compliance metrics monitored by Pontoon’s MSP team. Regular reports were shared with both suppliers and the client, facilitating continuous refinements as the programme and supply chain evolved.


Fueling future enhancements through supply chain optimisation

Within a year, Pontoon streamlined the client’s supply chain from a sprawling 235 suppliers to a nimble 82. Wallet share and supplier engagement witnessed remarkable growth. Client satisfaction scores for hiring managers and suppliers surged to unprecedented heights.

Pontoon’s innovative strategy, backed by Pontoon Intelligence analytics capacities, now paves the way for seamless adoption of future programme enhancements, promising substantial transformations in the client’s dynamic workforce.

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