How we reinforced a talent solution with predictive analytics

How we reinforced a talent solution with predictive analytics


Addressing tech talent gaps in financial services

Our respected financial services client tasked us with filling 175 key tech roles, including Java and data engineering. We identified over 200 potential candidates in the first week of the assignment and moved on to filling all roles with unprecedented speed. Pontoon adopted an agile approach, keeping the client’s future needs in mind. The Pontoon Intelligence team created a predictive model that exhibited a 94% forecasting accuracy, showcasing the value of predictive analytics for our client’s future hiring needs.

The challenge

Streamlining recruitment for critical tech positions

In the competitive landscape of financial services, our client was challenged with efficiently sourcing and onboarding top-tier tech talent. Time was of the essence, as these positions were vital to upcoming projects.

How we helped

Crafting a swift, future-proof solution

In response to this challenge, we identified over 200 potential candidates within a week of receiving the request. Rigorous tech screening and comprehensive code testing followed. This led to arranging 90 interviews with our client’s hiring managers in the initial phase, giving Pontoon a head start in the recruitment process.

Preparing for the future with Pontoon Intelligence

Our team understood that forecasting future talent requirements was crucial as filling tech & engineering roles takes time and preparation. This is where Pontoon Intelligence stepped in. Leveraging cutting-edge forecasting techniques, including time series analysis and autoregressive integrated moving averages, our team combined historical data with real-time hiring trends. The result was a predictive model primed to foresee future talent demands.


Accelerating hiring success

Our commitment to efficiency and precision brought excellent results. From the 200+ candidates identified in the first week, we extended 53 engineering job offers, achieving an impressive 59% interview-to-offer ratio. This gave us a head start, ultimately enabling Pontoon to fill all 175 Java and data engineering roles ahead of schedule. The client praised our effort, declaring it the fastest engineering recruitment they had ever experienced.

With an impressive 94% accuracy, the forecasting model built by Pontoon Intelligence gives our client a valuable edge in preparing for their upcoming hiring needs. By streamlining the acquisition of tech talent and providing data-driven insights on future talent supply and demand, Pontoon Intelligence empowers our clients to thrive and lead in an ever-evolving industry landscape, year after year.

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