How we improved risk visibility for contract labour onboarding in Latin America

How we improved risk visibility for contract labour onboarding in Latin America


A case of risk mitigation

Our Fortune 500 financial services client needed to improve risk visibility and increase efficiency in their contingent labour programme in Latin America. We streamlined supplier performance by updating scorecards, regulatory guidance and instituting a series of key risk indicators (KRIs). The results? An enhanced client experience, with 100% compliance with local labour law regulations.

The challenge

Updating operations for maximum risk visibility

Our customer had a structured contract labour programme leveraging Pontoon as the Managed Service Provider (MSP) across the US, Canada, APAC and EMEA. However, the established MSP framework and robust governance model were not fully implemented in the Latin America (LATAM) market. Limited visibility into future onboarding of contract labour in the LATAM region (e.g., lack of insight into active contracts in place for suppliers or proper background checks) posed a significant client risk. Pontoon was tasked with streamlining and updating MSP operations in the region to reduce business, financial, compliance and reputational risk.

How we helped

Risk mitigation and programme expansion

Since 2019, we have successfully executed and continue to manage a thriving MSP for our client in Latin America, where such talent programmes and practices are scarce. Collaborating with local suppliers and stakeholders, we expanded the regional talent pool and grew programme spend under management across countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

To enhance risk visibility, we established monthly KRIs to ensure invoice accuracy, monitor compliance, and manage attrition thresholds. We revamped supplier scorecards and improved supply chain performance to meet the region’s defined quality and risk standards.

Additionally, with programme evolution and expansion, we conduct regular optimisation activities to align the supply chain with client needs. This includes onboarding, training, and partnering with procurement to help advise our client on any labour law changes that may impact their contingent workforce.


Improved regulatory compliance and hiring manager satisfaction

We achieved 100% compliance with monthly KRIs through improved supplier partnerships and witnessed enhanced recruiting performance in our market-leading and growing Latin America MSP programme.

Programme expansion into LATAM directly correlated to improved supplier performance and enhanced hiring manager experience.

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