Reimagine Now: Combatting ageism in the workplace

Reimagine Now: Combatting ageism in the workplace


Podcast premiere: Combatting ageism in the workplace

In the season premiere of Pontoon’s “Reimagine Now” podcast, we discover actionable strategies for combatting ageism in the workplace. Shannon Robertson, Director of Strategic Insights at Pontoon and host of the podcast, speaks with Oliver Johnston, a thought leader in the realm of human capital management.

The power of stepping out coaching

As the founder and CEO of Stepping Out, Oliver pioneers the development of “stepping out coaching” for corporate leaders. He advises on integrating balanced transitions for senior executives. Shannon and Oliver dive into the significance of “stepping out” policies in contemporary HR practices, focusing on honouring the contributions of senior executives while preparing for the future of leadership. They also discuss the practicality of such policies, emphasizing their alignment with modern values like fairness, psychological safety, and combatting age discrimination.

“I think the idea of supporting senior leaders in their transition from full-time employment, full-time career, into whatever happens next is an idea whose time has come. A few years ago, it was a need that hasn’t become a want yet, as Jocker said. And I think the reason for that is we are more accepting of the fact that it’s okay to be vulnerable.” – Oliver Johnston

Explore the key points from the conversation, covering the vital role of stepping out policies, the importance of succession planning, the impact of stepping out coaching, and strategies to combat age discrimination. These key points include:

  • A stepping out policy is vital for managing high-level transitions sensitively and sustainably within organisations.
  • Succession planning needs to consider both the successor’s development and the incumbent’s readiness to leave their role.
  • Stepping out coaching is a pivotal service that helps senior executives navigate identity shifts and plan their futures post-retirement.
  • Age discrimination, often overlooked, can be combatted through fair and transparent stepping out policies and practices.
  • Recognising and honouring the contributions of executives as they transition out can have a positive and long-lasting impact on the organisation’s reputation.

“Seniors are not an endangered species. They’re tough, they’re robust, they’re imaginative, they’re creative. They get things done, so they don’t need any sympathy. But we do need to respect them, and we need to respect the contribution that they make. Being a senior leader for ten years or 20 comes at a cost.” – Oliver Johnston

A commitment to an age diverse workforce

Oliver’s reflection on the toughness, robustness, and creativity of senior leaders emphasizes the need for respect and recognition. At Pontoon, we are committed to supporting businesses in fostering age diversity, offering tailored solutions to ensure a workplace where every generation thrives. Join us in creating a future where age is not a barrier but a valued asset, contributing to the success of your organisation.

Tune in to watch the full conversation with Oliver to gain deeper insights into combatting ageism in the workplace and fostering a more inclusive work environment.

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