Reimagine Now: Creating future fit leaders in the changing business landscape

Reimagine Now: Creating future fit leaders in the changing business landscape


Episode 2: Creating future fit leaders

In episode two of Pontoon’s Reimagine Now podcast, Shannon Robertson, Director of Strategic Insights at Pontoon and host of the podcast, speaks with Ross Emerson, Executive Coach and Board Advisor, who shares his profound understanding of human dynamics within corporate structures and highlights the need for future-fit leaders to be purpose-oriented and people-centric. 

Creating a dynamic company culture

Shannon and Ross discuss the challenges of cultural evolution, particularly in high-pressure and traditional settings, and the strategic pathways to fostering inclusive and adaptive cultures.

“Culture sometimes is imperfect… It can be either something that can be very traumatic for human capital, or it can also harness their potential and enable people to thrive.” Ross Emerson

Explore the key points from the conversation, including:

  • Company cultures are complex, fluid, and influenced by diverse team dynamics and individual behaviours.
  • Leadership is more than a title; it’s a lifestyle anchored in skills, capabilities, mindsets, and behaviours.
  • High-pressure environments require a balance between inducing healthy stress and ensuring psychological safety and trust within teams.
  • Leaders need to be future-fit, embracing traits like being purpose-oriented, people-centric, and driven towards progress and principles.

“Leadership is really about skills and capabilities that are equally important with mindsets and behaviours. The core of any leader is a human being, not an idealised object to satisfy the fantasies projected onto her or him.” –Ross Emerson

Tune in to watch the full conversation with Ross to gain deeper insights into converting a negative company culture into a positive one and the role of leadership in driving meaningful change and progress.

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