Everest Group Names Pontoon a Leader and Major Contender

Everest Group Names Pontoon a Leader and Major Contender

Everest Group has released their PEAK Matrix Reports for 2021 for CWM/MSP and Services Procurement categories, with Pontoon earning top marks in both categories.  As a leader among MSP providers, Pontoon was recognised for our keen focus on the midmarket space and our collaborative approach to partnering with customers. As a Major Contender in the Services Procurement PEAK, Pontoon earned credit for our diversified portfolio and capability to manage SOWs across a geographic reach.

Arko Basak, Vice President at Everest Group, shares insight on Pontoon’s capabilities and positioning:

“Pontoon Solutions’ continuous investments to strengthen its delivery capability across geographies and buyer types have helped it create a strong CWM/MSP offering for clients. Its focused investments in technology, particularly in expanding the breadth and depth of analytics, and enhanced offerings across the services procurement management space have all contributed to its positioning as a Leader on the Everest Group CWM/MSP PEAK Matrix® 2021 and Major Contender on the Everest Group Services Procurement / SOW PEAK Matrix® 2021.”

Everest noted our data-driven insights supported by Pontoon Analytics’ suite of tools and dashboards. Future-ready innovations, including Pontoon ON and our proprietary and partnership-based tech stack, have been impactful for our customers.

Pontoon has put a core focus on workforce and market visibility, improving the candidate and hiring manager experience and delivering process improvements to evolve our service delivery for our customers.

Lee Baldwin, Global Head Product, Technology & Operations at Pontoon, highlights Pontoon’s approach:

“We are delivering future-proof services that rooted in operational excellence and intelligent business process that help customers achieve their business outcomes. Customers benefit from Pontoon’s Lean Six Sigma-based approach, our ever-evolving tech-stack and our analytics tools that drive increase efficiency and improve the experience for both talent and hiring managers .”

To view the full report, click below:

PEAK Matrix CWM/ MSP & Services Procurement from Everest Group

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