Global Workforce of the Future: Technology Sector

Global Workforce of the Future: Technology Sector

We are delighted to introduce our comprehensive technology workforce analysis – the Global Workforce of the Future: Technology Sector. This sector-specific report, drawing on in-depth research and the vast expertise of our parent company, the Adecco Group, dives deep into the unique perspectives of workers within the technology industry. It uncovers their insights on crucial subjects that will significantly shape the future of work in this sector.

The report highlights the implementation of AI in the technology field, the escalating importance of soft skills in our rapidly digitising world, and the indispensable need for upskilling and career development as key pillars in retaining elite talent in technology. Furthermore, it offers invaluable insights and practical advice for technology companies aiming to refine their talent management strategies and future-proof their workforce amidst swift advancements. With an emphasis on inclusivity, authority, and actionable recommendations, this study serves as a guide for navigating the dynamic workspace in the technology sector.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few key insights from workers in the technology sector: 

  • 69% feel that being skilled in how to use AI will improve their professional/career options
  • 90% of tech sector workers would not accept a job that doesn’t offer flexible working.
  • 8 in 10 workers plan to stay with their employer in 2023, but 4 in 10 only want to stay if they can be upskilled/reskilled, or progress with their company.

Download the complete technology sector report to access an in-depth analysis of the forces influencing the workforce and learn how to adapt effectively.

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