Pontoon and AXA Climate School form partnership

Pontoon and AXA Climate School form partnership

Pontoon and AXA Climate, part of AXA the multinational insurance company, have joined forces to broadcast largely the Climate School, a solution for awareness building of the impacts of climate change on businesses and employees’ jobs.

Pontoon is continuing to invest in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) advisory services that are designed to help clients deliver the human capital component of their sustainability commitments and drive positive environmental and social impact. Human capital management teams are uniquely positioned to drive upskilling initiatives to build awareness of material sustainability challenges.

With the Climate School, Pontoon and AXA Climate seek to broadly address the subject of climate, through an online learning experience, made of 150+ microlearning chapters, which are 100% customisable, as well as the implementation and change management to engage and upskill employees in businesses’ sustainable transition.

Antoine Poincaré, VP AXA Climate for the Climate School shares:

“Pontoon offers access to a large ecosystem of human capital solutions, advisory services, implementation and change management capabilities. We have a mutual interest in educating organizations at scale about the impacts of climate change, and we are extremely happy to provide the content and knowledge that matters to make sense of it all.”


Frederik Otto, Global Head of Client ESG & Impact at Pontoon adds:

“AXA Climate School’s content and educational resources are second to none. It is an immersive learning experience that outlines the consequences of climate change to every employee in their specific job role and context. All companies should understand what the impact of climate change is on them and their workforce.”


About AXA Climate School

The Climate School is product of AXA Climate, who has developed complete business lines to help tackle climate change adaptation (Insurance Training and Consulting for Industry/Agri/Finance/Public Adaptation). Globally, we are a team of 150 people, headquartered in Paris, spread over 5 continents, and driven by the same desire for impact. Our purpose is to help Planet Earth become a true stakeholder of all companies, in the same way that employees, customers and shareholders are.


About Pontoon

Pontoon Solutions, a subsidiary of the Adecco Group, is a professional services firm that delivers people, processes, and tools to optimise workforces. Our customers can tap into our deep expertise, rich data, and high-performing technology that breaks organisational boundaries. The result is talent without limits, decision intelligence, agility, and cost avoidance.

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