Pontoon awarded PSEG’s 2019 Prime Supplier Diversity Utilization Award

Pontoon awarded PSEG’s 2019 Prime Supplier Diversity Utilization Award

Press 17 May 2019 . Brianna Kerr

At PSEG Long Island’s annual Supplier Diversity Procurement Fair last week Pontoon’s MSP team was awarded the 2019 Prime Supplier Diversity Utilization Award for it’s extensive work supporting and promoting Women Minority Owned (WMO) and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned businesses.

“PSEG Long Island is committed to diversity and inclusion throughout the company, including the procurement of suppliers. We’re happy to honor and recognize Pontoon for its work in enabling our support of and strong relationships with a diverse group of suppliers. As a good corporate citizen and neighbor, we believe there’s a moral and ethical imperative here, and it’s also a smart business decision.” – Dan Eichhorn, President and COO, PSEG Long Island

Pontoon’s diverse supply chain and partnerships allow our MSP teams to drive the diversity targets of our clients’ businesses. Last year our team utilized 45% of diverse suppliers to bring the right talent to our PSEG Long Island program.

“As a prime supplier, of course you want to focus on understanding your client’s functional need, but arguably, it is just as important to understand the client’s core values. In many ways, PSEG Long Island is the gold standard in diverse supplier engagement. Pontoon readily accepted the challenge to maintain that standard. Today, 80% of our PSEG Long Island supplier base is diverse and accounts for almost 70% of our program spend in Long Island.” – Thea Cimmino, Pontoon Program Manager for PSEG

Pontoon has a strong focus and commitment to growing diversity partners within our programs. We recognize it is not only our social responsibility, but also demonstrates our commitment and interest in economic growth by having a robust diversity strategy. Our clients are also able to gain access to a diverse talent pool that they otherwise may not have had in their line of sight.

By creating an environment that demands and rewards great recruiting and treats our suppliers as real partners, Pontoon and our clients have created a strategy and way of working that is shifting the industry paradigm and changing the game – truly realizing the value of the MSP model.

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