Pontoon earns HRO Today’s Provider Certification accolade

Pontoon earns HRO Today’s Provider Certification accolade

Pontoon has been recognised by HRO Today as a Certified Provider program for outsourced HR services.

This accreditation is based on proven experience in the MSP, RPO and Services Procurement space. Determination of this designation is based on credibility within the market, customer satisfaction scores and meeting the highest standards of quality in the services provided.

HRO Today describes the program – “The HRO Today Provider Certification Program establishes a set of common benchmarks to measure providers against, thus ensuring that consumers are choosing from only the most trusted and reputable vendors.”

This accreditation further cements Pontoon as a market leader with support from HRO Today.

“By becoming an HRO Today Certified Provider, Pontoon has demonstrated that they are operating with a verified level of trust in the HR industry,” said Renee Preston, Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Association. “Certification confirms that Pontoon is truly committed to delivering a safer, more efficient procurement process to buyers.”

Lee Baldwin, Global Head of Financial Services sees this milestone as a direct benefit to our customers and prospects.

“With the support of HRO Today and having earned this certification, our customers are reassured they’re in the hands of a provider that brings best-in-class service and unmatched care for solving all their talent needs. For our prospective clients, this accreditation shows our capability and stand out performance that we can deliver to their organisation.”

For additional details on HRO Today’s Provider Certification program, visit: hrotoday.com/association/certification/               

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