Pontoon launches first ever Recruiterless RXO Solution

Pontoon launches first ever Recruiterless RXO Solution

Our customer, a consumer tech company, will hire over 10,000 people to ramp up for the upcoming holiday season. They turned to Pontoon to transform their hiring process and prepare for the impending hiring surge.

The recruitment process is underpinned with a stack of integrated technologies, ranging from AI-powered programmatic advertising to recruitment bots and video interviewing. Tim Meehan, our VP and Global Head of Emerging Technologies, explains:

“This is not only disruptive for our client, but for the industry as a whole. We at Pontoon believe this is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we plan to deliver in regards to recruiterless solutions moving forward. The ability for us to hire thousands of people without a single recruiter is truly groundbreaking and a first of its kind in our market.”

The use of technology throughout the recruitment cycle increases both candidate and hiring manager experience while also reducing cost to the customer and increases speed to hire.

A non-automated program with a similar scope of hires would take a large team of dedicated recruiters and coordinators – costing more and slowing down the click-to-hire process significantly.  Tim further shares:

 “We have made hiring this talent as friendly and simple as buying a new pair of shoes online. With just a few clicks the person can be starting his or her new job within days. This will significantly increase the experience and satisfaction levels of both our candidates and client hiring managers.”

For more information on Pontoon’s Recruiterless RXO product and to discuss if this might be a solution for your talent needs get in touch with us at info@pontoonsolutions.com

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