Webinar - Savings: the superpower of today's business

Webinar – Savings: the superpower of today’s business

In today’s uncertain business environment, 100% of organizations are re-evaluating their hiring processes and programs to identify potential savings opportunities.

In this webinar, learn how services procurement cost savings can be the hidden superpower your organization needs right now. Hear from Pontoon experts as they outline the savings playbook full of targets, execution tactics, and communication strategies. The Pontoon team will guide you through the process journey, providing over 40 actionable tips you can implement right away.

Are you ready to unlock the hidden superpower in your Services Procurement puzzle? No cape needed to save the day!

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Jan Jacob, Global Head of Products and Supplier Partnership at Pontoon

Jan leads the development of Product, SOW and Supplier Partnership. His team works across all of our business services to ensure our MSP, RXO, SOW and Supplier Partnership models lead the market now and are ready for tomorrow. As a fluent speaker of five languages, Jan is ideally positioned to lead his truly global team and work with our many customers and partners (frequently) in the language of their choosing. Jan is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Shyam Nadig, Global Practice Leader, Services Procurement at Pontoon

Shyam leads Pontoon’s global practice of Services Procurement.  In his role, Shyam developed Pontoon’s product offering and SOW playbook, enabling our clients to effectively buy and manage their service engagements through optimisation of their procurement processes, policies and technology within their overarching talent strategy.  Shyam is also Country Head for Pontoon India.  He is based in Bengaluru, India.