Vijay Jonnalagadda
Vijay Jonnalagadda - SVP Ecosystem Solutions and Alliances - The Adecco Group

Vijay Jonnalagadda

Senior Vice President Ecosystem Solutions and Alliances - The Adecco Group

Vijay is a seasoned executive with 25 years of experience across diverse software, ICT, and HR sectors. He brings a wealth of expertise and engineering background to his current role as SVP of Ecosystem Solutions and Alliances at the Adecco Group, overseeing Pontoon’s Customer Solutions & Advisory team. His tenure at international companies such as SAP, Deutsche Telekom, and Swatch Group has seen him lead large organisations, manage P&Ls, and drive business growth.

In his past roles, Vijay has spearheaded sales transformations at corporations, including SAP and Deutsche Telekom, resulting in significant revenue growth. Over the last five years, he has made his mark in the HR industry, excelling in roles including Global Operations Management and Staffing and Sales at Akkodis.

A dedicated advocate for human-centric design, Vijay ensures that all business solutions are efficient and aligned with human needs. He is now set to contribute his broad skill set and commitment to the success of Pontoon and its clients.