Hiring experience improved

How we transformed our client’s tech environment for a seamless hiring experience


Fragmented global recruitment process in need of streamlining

Hiring experience at our client needed improvement. They struggled with fragmented hiring processes that differed per country and national branch. To make matters worse, they had no unified recruitment and tracking platform, which made standardisation across locations nearly impossible. Our customer needed a partner who could streamline hiring processes globally, transform the supporting technology stack, and ultimately drive a much better candidate experience.

The challenge

Lack of career mobility and poor hiring experience cause talent dropout

With candidate data siloed at an individual branch level and scattered across over 30 various tools, our customer couldn’t build the recruitment marketplace to boost career mobility across the organisation. They were losing 30% of global workforce to outside opportunities because their employees were unaware of career development options in other locations or client brands. With 10,000 hires per year across 11 sister companies operating worldwide, the customer needed a standardised, scalable process to improve the hiring experience and reduce the dropout rate.

How we helped

Selecting the backbone tech necessary to enable process enhancements

Pontoon’s team started with an in-depth discovery with the client to understand why and how they would like to see their processes and supporting tech transformed. Once we knew the specifics, we could analyse the available technology options and see how different tools could impact specific elements of our client’s hiring process.

The most crucial was selecting an optimal backbone Applicant Tracing System (ATS). It had to work for all locations worldwide, be scalable enough to support a global recruitment function and offer maximum data security.

After consulting with the client on their specific requirements, our team of experts picked runner-ups whose benefits and drawbacks were clearly laid out for the customer. Together, we selected a technology that ticked all the necessary boxes, including support in 28 languages, seamless ease of use, and built-in data compliance.

Additionally, the ATS backbone was complemented by an integrated stack of tools that automated specific process steps, streamlining the hiring journey and driving a better candidate experience.


Enabling a seamless global recruitment process through technology

In cooperation with the client, our technology experts selected a backbone ATS and built a complementary tech stack that enabled the transformation of our client’s recruitment process. With solid technology foundations, our customer could shift from a siloed and fragmented recruitment process into a unified global hiring experience. This led to the creation of an internal and external career marketplace that boosted job mobility and increased employee satisfaction. The application and selection process became seamless for everyone involved, enhancing the experience for hiring managers, recruiters and candidates.

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