Attracting the Future Finance Worker

Attracting the Future Finance Worker

For years, the finance industry has been synonymous with tradition and security. But in today’s digital and fast-changing global market, that perception is quickly changing as more companies adopt a new approach to attracting and retaining their workforce. Employers realise that their workforce is not just about headcount but developing human capital. To encourage attraction and retention, organisations are shifting to more flexibility at work for financial services professionals, which has, in turn, started to help workers achieve greater productivity and improve the bottom-line P&L for their employers.

In fact, according to a Global Workforce of the Future 2022 report by the Adecco Group, 30% of workers plan to quit their jobs this year, stating flexibility as their main reason. So, what does the finance worker of the future look for in a potential employer?

Skill and career growth

Financial professionals must grow their skills and responsibilities and feel challenged. Upskilling and reskilling allow workers to be at their best while working for a company that cares about its employees’ career aspirations and customers’ needs.

Flexible schedules

Most organisations have adopted a hybrid approach to maintaining a smooth transition between working remotely and in the office. Many financial workers have embraced the four day work week and the idea of “Flex Fridays” working from home while maintaining productivity.

Pay transparency

With pay transparency, financial services companies can ensure that each worker is treated equitably and paid equally based on skills and certifications. Potential benefits include improved workplace satisfaction and increased trust between employees and managers.

Working with purpose

Financial professionals want a more meaningful work experience where organisational goals align with their personal beliefs and values. To encourage a sense of belonging, organisations can partner with community-impact organisations and encourage their local workforce to participate in sponsored events. For example, workers can donate funds or volunteer time on projects that benefit underserved populations, like feeding the hungry or providing access to healthcare.

Check out the infographic below for more ways employers can think outside of the box to attract top financial services talent:

Attracting the Future Finance Worker December 2022 Infographic

Sources: Deloitte Adecco Group IBIS

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