Delivering Talent in the Middle East through a Global Supplier Network

Delivering Talent in the Middle East through a Global Supplier Network

Joyce Bijl
Regional Head of Sales Middle East

Recruiting qualified talent for organisations in the Middle East has proven to be very challenging in comparison to other regions around the world. With an issue of talent scarcity and fierce local competition among candidates and companies, hiring teams must be creative in how they source, recruit and hire talent to fill niche positions. As markets emerge from the COVID-19 disruption and adjust to a new normal world of work, the full impact on jobs and talent has yet to be seen.

Regional development with the future in mind

The middle east is home to many emerging markets including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Kuwait. Expansion within the existing energy market and growth in financial services has catalysed the need for additional talent and resources to fill roles that power the upward movement. Many of these countries have crafted economic plans to develop beyond their foundational reliance on oil and move into new sectors that can provide steadfast stability for years to come.  For example, Saudi Vision 2030, outlines a plan “which unlocks business opportunities, broadens the economic base, and creates jobs for all Saudis.” Similarly, in the United Arab Emirates, the government has launched Economy and Vision 2021 which consists of 12 Key Performance Indicators all focusing on “the UAE becoming the economic, touristic and commercial capital for more than two billion people.”

A closer look at the local talent market

The skills shortage is a very real challenge for organisations in the middle east deal when looking for local talent to fill their open positions.  Additionally, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches, the gap between skills in the market today and skills fit for future has deepened. The absence of skilled workers in the region has a direct impact on output.

Delivering local with global talent

“The number of expats in the UAE is high, with 88.5% of the population hailing from overseas.”

expatriate group

To solve the challenges of talent scarcity in the local markets within the middle east, we have turned to our network of over 3300 suppliers that Pontoon partners with to serve our customers. Having this global reach enables our customers to have access to the most fit talent regardless of borders. When suppliers are selected to support such customers within the region, there must be proven experience that they can source qualified talent, vet potential candidates against positions in the region and qualify their willingness and ability to relocate to customer’s location. Through our global network presence of supplier partners, we can, in turn, give the benefit of utilizing the best talent available at their local markets to our customers. For example, our trusted regional and global suppliers have networks of highly skilled technical and professional talent within their local market. These suppliers scout the local market and help professionals with the right talent relocate to the middle east.

Using data to connect suppliers, customers and talent

Data is a critical component of our strategy of connecting suppliers and customers. Certainly, not all suppliers have talent pools to fill the needs of every customer however, history has its mark! Based on historical accomplishments of our suppliers within the middle east region, customers’ needs are catered.

Everyone benefits

Customers: We strongly believe in Agile marketing process, through non-local suppliers and talent, our customers are able to access more qualified and a higher volume of candidates than what is possible with only local suppliers. In tandem, hiring from different parts of the work is a great way to create diverse and inclusive teams which are proven to deliver better results.

Supplier partners: By working with customers in different locations, it gives an opportunity for suppliers to think big! This also creates a more competitive environment for better results.

Talent: In the globalised world we live in today, people are eager to travel, live in new areas and create new experiences. The opportunity to live and work in another country entices many talented professionals to relocate for roles and career potential.

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