Win4Youth: Elevating company culture through a global wellbeing programme

Win4Youth: Elevating company culture through a global wellbeing programme

In this video, our colleague Sampa Ghosh reflects on what being part of Win4Youth (W4Y) – Adecco Group’s wellbeing programme – means for her and how organisations can benefit from taking care of their employees’ physical and mental health. 

Sampa is one of 2022 W4Y ambassadors, and together with Allie Knowlton, she represented Pontoon at the annual Lanzarote W4Y triathlon. In 2023, Sampa and Allie will drive company-wide initiatives to encourage peers to pursue wellness activities, build resilience, and increase their overall wellbeing. They will motivate colleagues to keep active and clock hours spent on physical and mental health activities to benefit our global charity partner, Plan International.

Win4Youth has been a life-changing experience. It has built my character and taught me that nothing is impossible in life. If you give your heart and soul towards something, you can achieve anything. – Sampa Ghosh, Programme Manager and W4Y Ambassador

A case for company-wide wellbeing focus 

According to the latest Global Workforce of the Future report, 50% of workers globally are worried about burnout in the future. Almost one in four admitted that they took a career break in the last 12 months due to poor mental health. This should concern companies because an emotionally draining workplace is detrimental to individual wellbeing and can have a high cost in terms of productivity. 

Organisations must integrate mental and physical wellbeing into their core values by designing company-wide programmes that promote overall health, such as Win4Youth. Firms need to encourage their employees to participate and take time away from everyday responsibilities to focus on wellbeing activities, such as sports, meditation or hobbies. In fact, 40% of workers focus on sports to maintain mental wellbeing and support work-life balance, while 3 in 10 turn to passion projects for the same. Why not integrate this with company culture to maintain a healthy, motivated and thriving workforce? 

Statistics show that if employees are physically and mentally fit, they are more productive, which benefits the businesses they work for. Any company’s top priority is to ensure their workers’ overall wellbeing is properly taken care of.  – Sampa Ghosh, Programme Manager and W4Y Ambassador

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