How talent analytics innovate the hiring experience

How talent analytics innovate the hiring experience

Yesterday’s data cannot solve tomorrow’s talent crisis. The global talent market is changing at an astounding pace. Hiring managers need to know what challenges lie around the corner, how and where to find the right employees, and what competitive pay rate to offer them. 

Elliot Owens – Head of Pontoon Analytics

Predictive talent analytics are key to improving hiring processes and performance management through strategic, data-informed, and future-oriented decisions. How we use data today will help us achieve tomorrow’s business goals. 

Companies across the globe have started to appreciate the power of talent analytics; many are even willing to invest in digital tools. However, understanding the story coming from the data and making the right decision based on that story still prove to be a challenge.  

Bridging the communication gap between business leaders and analytics teams requires a dedicated team of experts who know how to translate numbers into stories. 

High-tech and high-touch: The perfect blend for talent analytics

An analytics suite is more than a set of tools – it’s an intricate, constantly evolving blend of technology, processes, and people. Artificial intelligence can do wonders, but the human component is equally important for improving, enhancing, and optimising talent programmes. At Pontoon, we thoroughly understand both the high-tech and high-touch aspects of data-driven workforce solutions. 

Business Intelligence advisors are one of the strongest differentiators within Pontoon Analytics. They act as consultants for our clients and Pontoon’s account team, bringing data to life. They use storytelling to provide insights into our clients’ programmes and address pain points related to turnover, supplier selection, time-to-fill, and cost.  

The strategic workforce analytics skills of Pontoon’s BI advisors can be matched only by the skills of our data scientists. Their extensive business knowledge makes Pontoon Analytics team members stand out. Other firms might hire the greatest minds straight out of the ivory towers of academia. Still, domain knowledge and layperson-friendly presentation skills change a great data scientist into a brilliant addition to your business. 

With the help of Pontoon’s BI advisors and data scientists, hiring managers and senior management can learn to interpret data and calibrate the analytics and reporting tools in a way that returns answers to the most pressing questions.  

Our idea is to guide the clients while providing ample room for individual exploration. Pontoon’s customers can access customised dashboards, including predictive tools within our data visualisation platforms.  

With the right tools and people, customers looking to innovate their hiring processes and secure the best-in-class talent have all the information they need to make strategic decisions that enhance their business. 

Tools that help you succeed

By 2028, the global human resource technology market is expected to reach 35.68 billion USD, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%. This growth will be driven by increasing demand for predictive and workforce analytics tools. Investments in intelligent algorithms based on AI and machine learning are bound to follow, and analytics teams must keep pace with advanced technologies. 

At Pontoon, we are constantly expanding and improving our analytics offer, designing valuable, future-focused decision intelligence tools that assist with workforce planning, delivering cost efficiencies, reducing turnover, and improving quality. 

Among the newest tools that Pontoon has recently launched is the Supplier Recommendation Engine. Designed to help our MSP customers objectively select suppliers, the tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyse suppliers’ past performance and predict which supplier will meet the customer’s expectations.

Whenever our clients need a specific role in a specific location and within a specific budget, all this information can be uploaded into the engine, along with other expectations about the role and the supplier’s performance. Pontoon’s Supplier Recommendation Engine not only returns a fact-based recommendation but also guides the user through all available parameters. Our clients can easily achieve a thorough understanding of the tool’s functionalities and tailor them to their business needs.

What’s next?

As people analytics grow and evolve, the drive for integration across all resource types and all lines of business is expected to define the field in the upcoming years. However, no technological and methodological advancements can be achieved without people’s expertise and consultative prowess.  

Analytics teams, including our Pontoon Analytics team, are thus expected to enhance their business knowledge and storytelling skills to deliver understandable, actionable data to stakeholders, building mutual trust and loyalty.     

To read more stories about how Pontoon Analytics helps our clients grow and prosper, please visit the case studies section of our website.  

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