Leaders in Contingent Workforce Management

Leaders in Contingent Workforce Management

Pontoon Recognised as Contingent Workforce Management Leader in Everest Group’s 2023 CWM PEAK Matrix® Assessments

Everest Group’s 2023 Contingent Workforce Management PEAK Matrix® has placed Pontoon as a Leader in MSP and a Major Contender in Services Procurement.

We were recognised for top performance in portfolio mix, value delivered, vision and strategy, and delivery footprint. Everest Group also acknowledged the launch of our advisory function. Pontoon’s advisory service is focused on consulting clients on workforce strategy, ESG, procurement, supply chain, and technology.

Additionally, Everest Group also highlighted Pontoon’s significant investment in advanced analytics offerings and technology capabilities that support end-to-end talent acquisition.

Krishna Charan, Vice President at Everest Group, describes Pontoon’s evolution:

Pontoon Solutions continues to deliver compelling solutions to clients drawing from its expertise in effectively managing various contingent categories, job roles, and buyer size. Its focus on strengthening technology capabilities to provide advanced analytics and harness automation to drive cost efficiencies, coupled with its ongoing investments in consulting and advisory services, collectively contributed to its positioning as a Leader in the Everest Group’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) / Managed Service Provider (MSP) PEAK Matrix® 2023.

Everest Group noted that Pontoon has revamped its Services Procurement offering to make it more modular. Notably, Pontoon is one of the few providers who can deliver services procurement programmes of all sizes in any geography.

Krishna Charan, Vice President at Everest Group, describes Pontoon’s enhancements:

Pontoon Solutions continues to deliver effective services procurement solutions leveraging its global presence and experience in managing deals of varying sizes and scope. Pontoon’s investments to make its services procurement offering agile, scalable, and customer-centric, coupled with its focus on the entire services procurement lifecycle, contributed to its positioning as a Major Contender on the Everest Group’s Services Procurement / SOW PEAK Matrix® 2023.

Jay Eardly, Global Head of Service Design & Delivery, comments:

For our clients, being their partner of choice for MSP and Services Procurement means continuously enhancing the process, experience and impact within our programmes. Our team of industry experts is dedicated to enabling our clients to look around corners through predictive data, optimise their supply chains and save on costs. As strategic advisors to our key stakeholders, we are an extension of their contingent hiring teams and procurement leaders, providing solutions to operational challenges and long-term strategic objectives.

What is the Everest Group’s CWM PEAK Matrix®?

Everest Group’s CWM PEAK Matrix® is an industry analysis and benchmarking framework. It evaluates providers based on their market impact, vision, and capability, positioning them into categories such as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. The matrix helps organisations identify the strengths and weaknesses of various providers, guiding them in selecting the right partners.

The industry widely recognizes Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for its comprehensive assessment methodology, which provides valuable insights into market dynamics and provider performance. As such, we are proud to be CWM Leaders.

To access the full report, click below:

Everest Group’s CWM / MSP and Services Procurement / Statement of Work (SOW) PEAK Matrix® Assessments 2023

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