Pontoon and VNDLY sign a partnership agreement to provide innovative Contingent Workforce Management solutions

Pontoon and VNDLY sign a partnership agreement to provide innovative Contingent Workforce Management solutions

Pontoon and VNDLY have successfully formed a strategic partnership to mutually deliver innovative Contingent Workforce management solutions for their clients.

Pontoon is a global leader of MSP, RXO and Total Talent solutions serving organizations across 100 countries. As a well-established player in the workforce management space, Pontoon has received industry recognition from Everest Group, NelsonHall and HRO Today for their ability to deliver best -in-class programs for both contingent and permanent employment. In addition to MSP and RXO, Pontoon has expertise in all types of workforce planning including Freelancer Management, SOW, Direct Sourcing and Total Talent. These offerings are supported by Pontoon’s knowledge of talent analytics, the digital workforce and global recruitment solutions.

VNDLY is a disruptive Work Management System (WMS) that transforms how companies manage their contingent workforce. With its cloud-native SaaS WMS, companies can manage the entire non-employee engagement lifecycle from talent acquisition to payment and off boarding. The VNDLY WMS applies sophisticated algorithms, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate manual tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity in today’s digital and agile environment. The VNDLY platform is comprised of four major modules: Contingent Workforce Management, Statement of Work (SoW) Management, Payrolling and Independent Contractor (IC) Compliance and Total Talent Acquisition.

With the global talent pool and business needs changing every day, Pontoon and VNDLY together will create dynamic and customized solutions for their clients. Pontoon’s ability to craft tailored service packages will couple with VNDLY’s commitment to innovation and customer experience.

Jan Jacob – Global Product Owner explains just what this partnership means:

“Pontoon is committed to provide superior MSP programs that allow us to strategically architect solutions around business challenges our clients face today. We are excited to partner with VNDLY, a state-of-the WMS and industry innovator. Together, we will provide powerful solutions for our clients.”

Shashank Saxena, Co-Founder and CEO of VNDLY Inc. shares his thought on the partnership:

“We are very excited about the partnership with Pontoon. Pontoon is one of the most forward-thinking Human Capital firms in the world and is leading the transformation in the workforce planning and management space. We are humbled and honored to be a partner in this journey.”

Pontoon is dedicated to continuing their journey with a focus on service excellence, innovation, and technological advancement to provide clients with best in class contingent workforce management solutions. Pontoon’s MSP now delivers solutions to over 100 clients across more than 100 countries.

For more information on Pontoon’s MSP product please email info@pontoonsolutions.com.

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