Strategic insights for sustained growth with Pontoon Perspective

Strategic insights for sustained growth with Pontoon Perspective

Today’s organisations must use strategic insights to adapt to emerging workforce trends for sustained growth. Drawing from exclusive data within our client portfolio, we created Pontoon Perspective, our new report, to empower clients and prospects with a competitive edge in attracting high-quality talent.

What is Pontoon Perspective and how does it drive strategic insights?

In Pontoon Perspective, we leverage our client data to propose concise recommendations for companies seeking to attract and retain permanent talent and contingent workers.

To provide companies with a distinctive understanding of current market dynamics and enhance their workforce optimisation strategies, we conducted an exhaustive data analysis within our Pontoon client portfolio. We also used a recent joint report by Pontoon and our parent company The Adecco Group. As a survey of 30,000 professionals worldwide, the Global Workforce of the Future Report 2023 offers unprecedented insights into workforce trends on skill development, AI adoption, worker attrition, and more.

Combined, these findings offer exclusive, actionable insights that set Pontoon Perspective apart as a unique source of knowledge that can guide businesses in navigating the complexities of the current talent market.

Key takeaways for sustained growth in a fluctuating hiring market

Over the past three years, companies globally have faced intricate challenges shaped by the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, shifts in consumer behaviour, and a rapid transition to remote work. Economic volatility and recessionary trends have added pressure, forcing businesses to navigate unpredictable financial terrains.

Additionally, technological advancements have increased the demand for digital transformation, requiring companies to balance innovation with cybersecurity concerns. Talent shortages and shifting workforce dynamics impact firms, influencing hiring, retention, and employee development strategies. Moreover, the call for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives has gained prominence, emphasising the need for diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Navigating these challenges necessitates adaptability, resilience, and strategic foresight in the following three key areas:

Future of skills

Investing in upskilling and reskilling is imperative in the face of technological advancements. Pontoon Perspective highlights strategies for continuous learning with a focus on adaptability and problem-solving capabilities.

Efficiency in hiring

Streamlining hiring processes through data-driven recruitment and embracing inclusive practices is crucial. Pontoon’s unique perspective encourages organisations to leverage remote work arrangements for a diverse talent pool.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

DEI initiatives, driven by societal expectations, are emphasised with Pontoon’s data analysis. Dedicated leadership, ongoing training, and data transparency are pivotal in fostering a culture of understanding and belonging.

Final takeaway

As a unique collection of strategic insights, powered by Pontoon’s proprietary data, Pontoon Perspective reveals the interconnected nature of skill development, hiring efficiency, and DEI, and their impact on the changing talent landscape. Organisations can position themselves as forward-thinking and inclusive by investing in skill development, improving hiring processes, and prioritising diversity and inclusion in their talent strategies.

We hope this report will guide informed decisions and proactive steps towards a successful future. Stay tuned for more strategic insights from Pontoon and do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.


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