Talent Leaders Guide: Finding the right MSP partner

Talent Leaders Guide: Finding the right MSP partner

Unlocking the potential of Managed Services Providers (MSP) has never been more crucial. Contingent workforce solutions play an increasingly vital role in enabling organisations to remain agile and responsive to market demands.

Freelancers, contractors, and gig workers offer unique advantages, such as specialised skills, reduced overheads, and the ability to scale operations quickly. Not surprisingly, reports show that 70% of companies plan to boost their use of contingent workers, and nearly 4 in 10 firms are already adopting a contingent talent integration strategy.

Our guide is your go-to source for invaluable insights on choosing the best MSP partner to elevate your contingent workforce management. Learn the essential factors to consider when defining your service requirements. Discover how to align your delivery expectations with providers’ capabilities. Find out what information is key for selecting an ideal partner to support your goals.

The guide will walk you through: 

  • Discovering gaps in your contingent workforce strategy
  • Gathering information that you need to assess a provider’s delivery capabilities
  • How Pontoon can support your MSP buyer journey

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