Realising the Future of Work in Asia Pacific

Realising the Future of Work in Asia Pacific

Danya Atkinson | LinkedIn
Danya Atkinson Client Development & Engagement Manager, APAC

The imperative for most HR leaders in Asia, as they support new organisational strategies, focuses on futureproofing talent strategy. The race to find, retain and govern great talent is on everyone’s mind and Pontoon aims to drive these conversations that are fast accelerating.

Realising the Future of Work is a monthly leadership video series highlighting trends that are currently impacting the workforce, hiring managers and talent-led organisations. Included in this series will be thought leadership and perspectives from  HR leaders across Asia.

Realising the Future of Work will uncover each speaker’s priorities as they navigate through trends and challenges that will shape Asia. Through these insights, HR leaders will connect the dots on the ‘Future of Work’. Each month, Pontoon will showcase these topics from the eyes of our guest speakers.

“Asia is home to the majority of the world’s population. That’s a lot of talent. What are the jobs and support frameworks that we need, and how do HR leaders view the future of human capital? We are excited to introduce Realising the future of work – a new series and catalyst for Asian-centric HR thought leadership and ideas.”

Frederik Otto, Regional Head of APAC – Pontoon Solutions

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