Talent Rivers Have Replaced Talent Pools

Talent Rivers Have Replaced Talent Pools

It’s Digital Talent Rivers

Is anyone else sick of talking about “Talent Pools”?  I certainly am. I’m pretty sure it was invented back when HR was called “Personnel” and they worked in the shed behind the plant. A phrase probably coined by one of the big American auto companies before Toyota gut-punched them. Don’t get me wrong, we need a steady supply of talent, but it’s time we put Talent Pools in the recycle bin and think differently. 

Let’s start talking about a Digital Talent Rivers (DTR) Strategy. Our “Rivers” is a metaphor for talent racing past us, not waiting in a static pool. To capture this talent, we must engage with “Digital” speed and quality. We must accelerate to even see this talent, and we must be far more efficient to capture them.

To implement your Digital Talent Rivers strategy you need a  holistic, integrated, total quality model that leverages tech, process and ludicrous speed to deliver superior quality at a lower cost. Make no mistake, this isn’t about accelerating your messy hiring processes. It’s a roadmap to self-disrupt your talent acquisition approach. I’m talking about the day, coming soon, when instant hiring arrives. Seem impossible? Then prepare to be disrupted… or check out Pontoon’s Recruiterless RXO Solution for an example of instant hiring.

What does a Digital Talent Rivers strategy look like? How about this call to action:

We will execute a strategy to self-disrupt our hiring approach. We will focus on delivering experiences that better engage tomorrow’s candidates and hiring managers. We will use facts and data to measure and improve. We will look at talent holistically. Our culture will shift form accepted slow processes that are designed to reduce hiring error. Rather we will take risks, accelerate process and be accountable for total hiring quality. We will re-invent ourselves with new skills and a vision for the future.

Armed with this mandate we can now start the journey from yesterday’s “Talent Pools” to tomorrow’s “Digital Talent Rivers”. Here is the five-step guide to River fishing!

  1. Think outside-in
  2. Increase hiring to ludicrous speed
  3. Just-In-Time (JIT) Hiring
  4. Shrink the top of the funnel
  5. Take down the sign…

I’ll explore over the coming weeks these 5 steps and detail how you can start down the path to Talent Rivers. Stay tuned as we take our Pontoon boat down the river of talent!

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