The role of data privacy in leveraging ethical recruitment technology

The role of data privacy in leveraging ethical recruitment technology

In this video, Rénal Martin, Pontoon’s Data Privacy Counsel, discusses the role of data privacy in leveraging ethical recruitment technology. Rénal stresses the importance of building trust with candidates and clients and explains how Pontoon ensures that AI tools are implemented fairly. Watch the video or read below for more details. 

Why is data privacy essential for a talent acquisition services provider?

Rénal Martin, Data Privacy Counsel

Rénal Martin: That’s a really good question I get asked almost every single day. I would say it’s about trust – that’s at the heart of data privacy. If our candidates cannot trust us with their data, they won’t give it to us. That means we will have fewer CVs, and we won’t have those talent pools for our clients, making us less competitive.

It’s also about our clients trusting us. They won’t provide us with their data if they cannot rely on us as a partner who can look after it.

What’s unique to Pontoon is that we use technology to deliver our services. For example, we use AI to enhance our services and ensure competitiveness.

Recruitment AI has come under a lot of pressure from regulators. The biggest companies you can think of have struggled to implement AI in a fair way. And I think that’s where our department and data privacy comes in. We test AI, our products and technologies, asking crucial questions: Have we looked for biases in our AI? Have we looked to see if it’s fair? What are the outcomes? When we ask those questions proactively, rather than waiting for the clients to pose them, we get ahead of our competitors, market and regulators.

Again, it comes down to trust and going to our clients saying we thought about these issues and how we’d address them – here is what we can bring to the table as a unique partner.

What potential risks or benefits do you think of when deploying technology?

Rénal Martin: I will always start by saying that we love technology. It drives our business, and makes us competitive. Also, tech is here to stay, and we must use it to the best of its abilities to make sure that we are ahead of the game.

I think it’s about working with technologies to see their features and how we can partner with providers to leverage tech from both a data privacy perspective and as a competitive advantage to our clients.

So it’s not just about risks and benefits – I think it’s about opportunities and solutions that tech creates.  

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