Augmenting Pontoon workforce's skills with technology

Augmenting Pontoon workforce’s skills with technology

Video 15 Feb 2023 . Katarzyna Zawadzka

In this video, Christoph Niebel, Pontoon’s President and Michael McCarthy, Director of Talent Sourcing, discuss how deploying a sourcing bot improved the hiring experience for our clients, candidates, and recruiters.

The bot can source more candidates and engage with them 24/7, speeding up the process, increasing efficiency, and boosting demand. Deploying the tech hasn’t reduced our headcount – on the contrary, it increased the number of our sourcing experts 10x. Watch the video or read below for more details. 

How we automated our recruitment processes for the win of everyone involved

Christoph Niebel, Pontoon President

Christoph Niebel, Pontoon President

Christoph Niebel: We talked a lot about how digital can make a difference, specifically in the sourcing space. At the same time, it’s clear that we need to keep the experience of our candidates, but also of our recruiters at the heart of things.

You had a really interesting perspective on how automation and digitalisation are actually improving the hiring experience and providing more jobs versus taking them away. Do you want to share that with us?

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy, Director, Talent Sourcing

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