Automated Onboarding with Pontoon ON for Increased Transparency and Speed



Our customer, an IT reseller that supports multiple end clients in the US, was looking to optimise their onboarding experience for their 350 end-clients that each have specific background check requirements. While we do not perform the background checks, it is Pontoon’s responsibility to facilitate the process of sharing the proper requirements with the supplier partners and to share updates with hiring managers. Ultimately, our program team needed to increase transparency in the onboarding process, increase the speed in which we complete onboarding and ensure compliance.

Our Approach


The existing onboarding process was completed 100% manually and the team was held accountable by manual trackers. With roughly 100 onboards a week, the initial size of the team could not keep up with the demands of daily management.  Additional resources were added to the team however they still could not keep up with the number of onboards to meet SLAs. A time study revealed that it took the team 330.17 hours a week to onboard 100 workers and, in order to operate efficiently, it would require over 10 workers that were 100% dedicated to managing the process. Additionally, the team identified through surveys that feedback was an issue for the customer. Based on the time study and prior knowledge, adding more resources to the team would not be a long-term solution. The solution needed something reliable and automated that also incorporated a human element.

Pontoon’s Tech Lab consulted by assessing multiple platforms and tools to see how each could help resolve a piece of the onboarding puzzle. Once the techs were selected and added in a sandbox environment, a basic version of the customer’s onboarding process was created and tested by the team. The sandbox test platform was brought to 12 additional program teams to evaluate their onboarding processes through time studies and to ensure this was a feasible solution that could be implemented throughout Pontoon’s whole customer-base. Once our key stakeholders got to see a test-run of the Pontoon ON platform within their onboarding process, they approved the program-wide implementation.

To ensure that the onboarding process started quickly, we partnered with the VMS to configure an automated report that initiates the process within Pontoon ON every two hours to begin the onboarding process for newly selected candidates. Within 2 minutes of receiving this the VMS report, Pontoon ON sends individual emails to the candidate, to the supplier and the to the hiring manager to let each party know that the onboarding process has begun.  As the candidate moves through the process of completing digital documents and other onboarding requirements, the supplier receives a request for a status update which is then immediately pushed to the hiring manager for full visibility. Each email that is sent is configured with dynamic fields ensuring consistency and personalisation. Throughout the process, there are designed stopping points for the team to engage as needed to continue superior customer service and a human touch.

With Pontoon ON, the team had the opportunity to design specific candidate outreach for the first time in the program’s history. This had already been of interest to the customer, but it was something due to time constraints, could never be accomplished. All new offers now receive a personalised congratulatory email and welcome packet. Additionally, the team is also able to add a new security requirement that the customer raised during the build of our tool.



After Pontoon ON was implemented, a new time study was performed that showed 236 hours of manual processing time was saved since go-live.  The average turnaround time to receive documents from the candidate has gone from 5+days to 19.9 hours since Pontoon ON enables documents to be routed directly to the candidate.

Prior to having Pontoon ON in place, it would take 24-48 hours to send background check details to the supplier. The supplier would alert the program team that a background check had been initiated within 72 – 96 hours. Today, the supplier receives the background check details within 2 hours accepting the offer (due to scheduled report). Suppliers are responding to our team with confirmation that the background check has been initiated within 19.9 hours.  

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