High volume hiring with Recruiterless RPO

High volume hiring with Recruiterless RPO


High-volume with a negative impact

Our customer was experiencing a fluctuating, and often high-volume demand, for driver talent.

This recruitment cycle time would often extend several weeks, negatively impacting the customer’s business.

The challenge

Creating a feasible solution

We were asked to reduce the time to hire from several weeks to days.

With this, Pontoon decided to integrate six technologies to create a fully automated recruitment solution.

How we helped

Automation and optimisation

We began by deploying a tool that automated and optimised the sourcing process by improving job descriptions’ quality.

We also leveraged a technology that created video versions of the client’s job descriptions.

A dedicated platform then promoted the job descriptions and videos on 40+ job boards and social media sites where we were able to measure click-through rates and further optimise our promotion.

For the screening process, we deployed a tool that enabled automatic candidate screening and an additional tool for video interviewing.


Programme success with a bright future

Since the launch of the pilot Recruiterless solution in the UK and Germany, our customers and 22 of their partners have used the platform.

We have opened 980 roles and processed 1700 candidates across both countries.

Time to submit candidates to hiring managers has been reduced to two days.

96% of video interview candidates have been advanced to face-to-face interviews, usually within one day of submittal.

Due to the success of this programme, we are currently discussing an increase in both project and geographic scope.

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