How we improved candidate quality and speed to hire

How we improved candidate quality and speed to hire


A case of low quality candidates

Our Financial Services customer found themselves interviewing too many unfit candidates for many of their IT openings.


The challenge

Identifying the right suppliers

Our challenge rested in evaluating the suppliers and focusing on those that could provide the quality candidates our customer was seeking.

How we helped

An exercise in supplier optimisation

Our Pontoon Analytics team stepped in to use data as a guide to supplier selection.

Through a supplier optimisation exercise, the team identified top-performing suppliers that had a proven track record of filling roles that matched the unfilled roles.


Delivering quality and speed

Once the right suppliers were delivering skill-matched candidates, the submittal quantity was reduced while increasing the quality of submittals.

Hiring managers were then able to interview fewer candidates yielding a quicker time to full rate.

The time to fil rate dropped to 9.4 days, a 60% reduction.

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