Winning the War for Talent

Winning the War for Talent

As technology, talent and the world of work evolve, we must be ready to change with it. Issues of talent shortages, task automation and addressing the skills gap are already challenging the traditional ways of acquiring and managing talent.

Robots Are Taking My Job

With advancements in AI, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning people are concerned they will be replaced by robots. The good news is that projections are showing just the opposite.

The new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms will create 133 million new roles”  – WeForum Future of Jobs Report

Companies and individuals must prepare for jobs of the future by taking on the responsibility of re- and up-skilling to align with the new roles outlined below.

Required workforce skills are expected to shift 42% by 2022” – WeForum Future of Jobs Report

In order to address this evolution, Pontoon leverages General Assembly who provides training courses and workshops on Data Science, Web Development, Programming, User Experience Design and more.

Take a look at this recent interview with Jake the CEO of General Assembly as he talks about the need for talent during a digital transformation.

War For Talent

The overwhelming trend of Digital Transformation is forcing companies to rethink the way they operate and how they offer services to customers. In order to deliver on their strategic agendas, talent plays a critical role in driving this change. On top of this, professional talent is hard to come by.

Worldwide unemployment rate dropped to 5.2% as of September 2018, the lowest in 40 years” – UBS report

Employers must evolve from a siloed approach to now look at their talent holistically. This may include hiring project-based freelancers, contractors for specific technical expertise and full-time employees for strategic additions. The standard recruitment practices of today will not keep up with the way of working tomorrow.

Partnering with companies throughout this transformation, we at Pontoon leverage our eco-system of products by co-designing talent solutions to meet our clients’ strategic objectives. We deliver talent consulting, MSP, RPO, and Onsite programs that make our clients’ business fit for future and allow them to focus on what they do best.

The breadth of emerging roles will include:
Data Analysts and Scientists
AI and Machine-Learning Specialists
Big Data Specialists
Software and Applications Developers and Analysts
Innovation professionals
Information Security Analysts
New Technology Specialists
Blockchain Specialists
User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers

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