Case Study

Pontoon’s RPO provides big benefits for Fortune 150 tech company

For a growing Fortune 150 technology and electronics organization, implementing a new recruitment model to ...
July 28, 2017

The RPO Advantage: Exploring the Why, What and How of Successful RPO: July 18 – Bangalore, India

Join top HR, talent acquisition and business leaders for an in-depth look and interactive discussion ...
June 23, 2017
Case Study

Talent Acquisition goes Global

Communication technology enables a global community to connect.Without the equipment, software and services to connect, ...
April 21, 2017
Case Study

Talent Management at its Finest

Food is more than fuel; its complexity reaches multiple levels of the human experience from ...
April 20, 2017
Case Study

Putting partnership before process.

Establishing enterprise-wide recruitment process outsourcing for a Fortune 500 company.A Fortune 500 company with 61,000 ...
April 20, 2017