Workforce Solutions Survey

Historically, many organizations have managed their permanent and contingent workforce processes separately. Technology, the increasing difficulty of accessing key talent, and the demands of the next generation of workers are all challenging this divide.

The prevailing view is that taking a more integrated approach to all types of talent (e.g. permanent, contingent, AI/Robotics, etc.) will help organizations meet these challenges more effectively.

With the concept of an integrated approach still evolving around the globe, we’re looking to assess what it really means to organizations, whether or not organizations see it as a priority, and if they do, what are the barriers to success.

This survey is being conducted globally, with the aim of providing regional and global insights about current workforce solutions and trends.

All responses will be confidential, with the findings being consolidated and anonymized. As a survey contributor, you will have early access to the insights and published materials. The survey should not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

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