How we turned analytics into actions

How we turned analytics into actions


Assessing an MSP programme for improvement

Our Pontoon Analytics team assessed the operational health of the MSP programme for our financial services customer.

The challenge

Data-driven pain points

By looking at multiple variables across several reporting periods, we found areas where we could increase sustainability and enhance performance.

All findings were backed by our Pontoon Analytics team.

How we helped

Diving deeper into findings

Our analytics team created a set of operational reporting metrics that highlighted YOY and month-to-month variances within programme spend and other SLAs.

They were able to provide quality insight on our customer’s spend and headcount figures at various intervals.

Potential weaknesses and deficiencies were also identified and could be proactively addressed to eliminate future risk.


Analytics into actions

Through our team, we identified reasons such as:

  • Invoice timing
  • Project scope
  • Supplier volume
  • New business segment needs

We were also able to increase 54% in on time fills.

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