Job cataloguing for a global MSP customer

Job cataloguing for a global MSP customer


A case of generic job role utilisation

Our global MSP customer, a leader in the financial industry, was using a single, generic non-IT job role with a single rate band, irrespective of the job family.

The challenge

Analysing job titles to map relevant job families

Due to the rates being unnuanced, our customer was significantly overpaying.

They also struggled with unsuitable candidates and irregular reporting patterns.

In order to map relevant job families and roles into a contingent role competence framework, our programme team set to analyse the customer’s internal job titles.

How we helped

Redesigning and reclassifying roles and rates

Our teams designed new, tailored job descriptions and incorporated them into the VMS for all new roles, including amended rate cards.

The existing assignments were then reclassified into the new roles and rates, increasing visibility on job clusters and driving cost savings.


Newly introduced job families, hiring manager and cost savings

With the analysation of our customers internal job titles, 14 job families with 110 individual job titles were introduced.

New hiring managers from non-IT areas using the programme increased 35%+ after a quarter.

The increase in reporting details and visibility of job clusters, skill usage and cost per role drove an 8% cost savings per new hire achieved.

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