Revolutionising a Mature RXO Program



Our client, a global leader in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation, had a mature RXO program in place in the United Kingdom. In 2018, they put their 2nd generation program to bid looking for a partner that could truly act in an advisory role and further their program past transactional and administrative.

Pontoon was selected because of our alignment with their e-thoughts, culture, and how to approach the market to attract talent. Pontoon’s culture of innovation and client-obsession also supported our client’s long-term goals in selecting a partner.

“What impressed me about the Pontoon approach was your preparedness to be curious, to ask those questions to get to the root of where our problems were. Not just coming to us with an off the shelf solution… Bringing the right team, technologies, cost point to the table. The decision became quite easy.”
Client Executive Sponsor

Our Approach


We approached the team structure much differently than a traditional RXO. Knowing that innovation and advisory were top in mind, each team is lead by Recruitment Business Partners (RBPs) that in turn manage a scrum and recruiting team. The recruiters own requisition management and all corresponding transactions. Recruitment Business Partners drive thought leadership and collaboration with the business on a daily basis.

Recruitment Business Partners oversee demand management and planning, gather market intelligence, and coach the business on a realistic market overview. They paint a thorough picture of the market with information about the roles they are filling, demographics, salaries, benchmarking and analysis of competitors, and market insights.

The market insights also include a hiring scale that measures how easy or difficult it is to hire the skillset needed within the country:

It pulls in alternative locations to compare preferred location versus other locales so hiring teams can determine if they should alter their original strategy based on the number of candidates available, regional salary ranges, or the number of similar jobs advertised.

Recruitment Business Partners also educate hiring teams on what’s important to their target employee in order to attract and retain the best talent available. They use a wide variety of sources to gather market information including Talent Neuron, EMSI reports, and LinkedIn Insights. This combination has yielded powerful data and had a significant impact to the hiring teams interviewing and hiring habits.

“Like most organisations, talent is the number one priority. And we’re very aware of a very fierce market. This means we need to stay widely abreast of all the challenges that are happening in the market – whether that be from a technology perspective, thinking differently about the types of talent pools we source from, or the changing dynamic in the workplace itself.”
Client Executive Sponsor

Lastly, Recruitment Business Partners also use internal data to instruct hiring teams. Pontoon recently launched an impressive dashboard in Power BI driven by the recruitment data set held in the CRM tool, Avature. With over 100 data points, the customised dashboard highlights information about reqs filled, time between steps, diversity and inclusion, etc. The dashboards are customisable to the end-users’ reporting needs and are refreshed 3 times per day with data from Avature. It’s very intuitive, easy to consume, and allows hiring teams to better understand their hiring habits and further their talent acquisition strategies.

Client Results


This blend of internal and external data analyzed by Pontoon’s strategic advisors and taught to the business on a daily basis has proven to be a game-changer for our client. In a tight labor market with extremely tough to fill roles, the client has seen immediate improvements in their hiring from their old transactional model. So much so, that the Pontoon program is expanding within the client to areas not previously serviced by an RXO – and less than 9 months after the initial launch.

“Other people in [the organization] are now showing interest in the RXO model and what you’re bring to the table. Already the scope of services has increased. We’re seeing more strategic business units want to get involved in the UK and in broader European countries as well. And credit to making that impact in the first six months as part of our vendor ecosystem… it’s very impressive.”
Client Executive Sponsor