Revolutionising a mature RPO programme

Revolutionising a mature RPO programme


A deliberate move from transactional to strategic hiring

Our customer had a mature RPO programme in place in the United Kingdom.

The client put their second generation programme to bid looking for a partner that could truly act in an advisory role and further their programme past transactional and administrative.

We were selected due to our alignment with their e-thoughts, culture, and how to approach the market to attract talent.

Our culture of innovation and customer-obsession also supported our customer’s long-term goals in selecting a partner.

The challenge

Altering the team structure

We decided to approach the team structure much differently than a traditional RPO.

Knowing that innovation and advisory were top in mind, each team was led by Recruitment Business Partners (RBPs) that in turn manage a scrum and recruiting team.

The recruiters owned requisition management and all corresponding transactions; RBPs drove thought leadership and collaboration with the business on a daily basis.

How we helped

Innovative delivery organisation to promote consultation

Recruitment Business Partners oversaw the demand management and planning, gathering market intelligence, and coaching the business on a realistic market overview, painting a thorough picture of the market.

The market insights included a hiring scale that measured how easy or difficult it was to hire the skillset needed within the country.

By pulling in alternative locations to compare preferred locations versus other locales, hiring teams could determine if they should alter their original strategy based on the number of candidates available, regional salary ranges, or the number of similar jobs advertised.

RBPs educated all hiring teams on what’s important to their target employee in order to attract and retain the best talent available, using a wide variety of sources to gather market information including Talent Neuron, EMSI reports, and LinkedIn Insights.

This combination yielded powerful data and had a significant impact to the hiring teams interviewing and hiring habits.

Additionally, the RBPs used internal data from Pontoon’s Power BI platform, to instruct hiring teams.

The dashboards were customisable to the end-users’ reporting needs and were refreshed three times daily, allowing hiring teams to better understand their hiring habits and further their talent acquisition strategies.


Immediate impact on hiring culture and results

The blend of internal and external data analysed by Pontoon’s strategic advisors and taught to the business on a daily basis has proven to be a game-changer for our customer.

In a tight labour market with extremely tough to fill roles, the customer has seen immediate improvements in their hiring from their old transactional model.

The Pontoon programme has since expanded within the customer to areas not previously serviced by an RPO – and in less than nine months after the initial launch.