Pontoon announces Pontoon Rapid Hire

Pontoon announces Pontoon Rapid Hire

Pontoon announces the release of Pontoon Rapid Hire – a recruiting experience focused on streamlined hiring that combines talent rivers with centralised interviewing for shorter time to fill.

Pontoon Rapid Hire was designed in response to customers’ needs to quickly assess, interview, and hire qualified talent. This solution ensures placed candidates meet all necessary role requirements and eliminates the lengthy interview process.

Candidates are sourced through Pontoon’s Talent River approach to ensure just-in-time delivery assisted by chatbots that grow the talent community of qualified and available applicants.

Pontoon Rapid Hire replaces the need for hiring managers to interview candidates by utilising a centralised interview team provided by Pontoon. The interview team uses a set of detailed criteria standardised by role, to determine a composite score based on a pre-assessment and an interview. A hiring decision is reached when the candidate satisfies the job requirement assessment and attains the minimum composite score. This process enables verbal offers to be given within 24 hours or the same day the interview is completed.

“ As the RXO provider to a leading food manufacturer, we needed to find a way to take the time spent interviewing off the plate of the hiring managers so they could focus on meeting the increased customer demands during the pandemic. Rapid Hire was a way for managers to spend more time getting new hires up and running and focus on bringing their product to market.”

Brandy Cline, VP Portfolio Manager at Pontoon

Early pilots of this solution have reduced time to fill from 40 days to 7 days and have shortened application to scheduled interview time to within 2 days. The initial success of the program has eliminated 90,000 annual hours of interview time for client hiring managers allowing managers to focus production and distribution and less time on the hiring process.

“Pontoon partnered with us to further streamline the hiring process and alleviate tasks for our hiring managers. The results speak for themselves but also the lightning-fast build of this solution and implementation in the height of COVID was impressive in its own right.”

Executive stakeholder, Talent Management Program Manager at Client

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