Pontoon's double triumph at HRO Today Association Awards 2023

HR Superstars and Team of the Year: Pontoon’s double triumph at HRO Today Association Awards 2023

The results of HRO Today Association Awards 2023 have been announced, recognising global HR innovators for outstanding leadership, strategic thinking, and impactful initiatives in human resources.

Pontoon is excited to share that two of our colleagues – Agata Wrześniak and Jessica Clifton – were recognised as 2023 HR Superstars. Additionally, our entire HR team received an HRO Today Association Award for their dedicated work in employee development.

Celebrating our HR Superstars

Agata Wrześniak Pontoon People Operations Manager

Agata Wrześniak – People Operations Manager

Explore the stories of Pontoon’s HR Superstars and the award-winning HR Team of the Year. Join us in celebrating their achievements and learn more about the transformative initiatives shaping our workplace.

Agata Wrześniak HRO Today’s HR Superstar 2023

Agata joined Pontoon’s People Operations team in 2018 and was recently promoted to People Operations Manager. With a passion for people, processes, and psychology, Agata has made a lasting impact on regional and global levels. For the past two years, Agata has spearheaded HR Operations for EMEA. Going beyond regional boundaries, she championed a transformative project, automating Pontoon colleague onboarding across 30 countries. This streamlined our processes and laid the groundwork for a more efficient employee onboarding experience.

Jessica Clifton Pontoon

Jessica Clifton – People Operations & Recruiting Director

Jessica Clifton HRO Today’s HR Superstar 2023

Jessica has secured her second consecutive HR Superstar award, marking another year of well-deserved recognition for her contributions. As People Operations & Recruiting Director, Jessica seeks to continuously improve processes and innovate solutions to help our colleagues. Moreover, she leads her team with compassion and integrity. From improving the employee experience to boosting process automation, Jessica’s passion for efficiency has continued to shine since she joined Pontoon in 2016.

Pontoon’s HR Team – HRO Today’s HR Team of the Year 2023

We’re also proud to share that Pontoon’s HR team has been awarded HR Team of the Year in the “Provider” category. Our team is dedicated to upskilling the workforce while nurturing a continuous culture of growth and goal-driven outcomes. In 2023, they reinvented our learning and development programme.

Learning Reimagined took our existing “hours to target” learning approach and amplified its significance by having colleagues complete a “year-end goal”. This change empowered Pontoon’s employees to rethink their learning and tie the outcomes back to everyday work improvements and client impacts.

Through a new learning portal and dedicated communication structure, Pontoon’s HR team successfully invited everyone to set learning goals and identify opportunities. Colleagues implemented specific changes in their daily work habits. More than that, they measured the impact of transformed behaviour to ascertain the achievement of their goals.

In receiving the HRO Today Association Award, Pontoon’s HR team reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change. They want to create an environment where continuous learning propels colleagues toward excellence.

Learn more about HRO Today’s Association Awards

The recognition by HRO Today is a joyous affirmation of something we’ve long believed at Pontoon – that Agata, Jessica, and everyone on our HR team are true game-changers. Their excellence shines in their work and adds a special touch that makes everyone’s job more meaningful.

As we celebrate our HR superstars, learn more about HRO Today’s Superstar Awards and Association Awards. And finally, please join us in congratulating our colleagues for their exceptional achievements.


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