Flexible staffing solutions with Pontoon and the Adecco Group

Flexible staffing solutions with Pontoon and the Adecco Group

Enhancing talent pipelines with flexible staffing solutions

In today’s evolving workforce landscape, organisations are on the lookout for flexible staffing solutions. Embracing non-traditional candidates, from on-demand temp workers to freelancers and contract-based employees, is crucial for expanding talent pipelines and maintaining operational efficiency within budget constraints.

The increasing demand for contingent workforce solutions highlights the importance of flexible staffing strategies. Pontoon and Adecco Group’s collaboration offers a unified approach to enhance value through comprehensive contingent talent management for our clients.

Lee Humphrey, NA Sales Director

Lee Humphrey, NA Sales Director

This article discusses the benefits that Pontoon, as a solution of the Adecco Group, can bring to your organisation. The value add of a long-term and adaptable contingent labour strategy is a game-changer in an evolving talent marketplace.

Power of the Adecco Group

Releasing global talent possibilities through interconnected brand collaboration. That’s what sets Pontoon apart from our competition. Our extensive geographic scope, powered by our cooperation with other Adecco Group sister brands, allows us to access talent and supplier networks in every location. As a result, we can precisely target in-demand candidates.

Pontoon, being a solution of the Adecco Group, brings a wealth of collaborative advantages to our MSP clients. The collective power of all Adecco Group HR solutions and staffing brands, including Adecco, LHH, and Akkodis, offers a wide range of benefits and added value.

By partnering with Pontoon, you gain access to an extensive network of partnerships and assets within the Adecco Group. This means:

  • a wider pool of qualified candidates,
  • fast access to both blue- and white-collar talent,
  • specialised industry knowledge,
  • recruiting scalability,
  • unparalleled regulatory and legal expertise,
  • and an improved overall talent acquisition strategy.

With a unified governance and delivery model, we can consolidate all services under one solution, simplifying the process for our clients. This streamlined approach ensures consistent quality and efficiency throughout the candidate journey.

With the backing of the Adecco Group, Pontoon can respond swiftly and seamlessly to fluctuating contingent hiring demands.

For example, with Adecco’s onsite sourcing, we can enhance time-to-fill metrics, improve retention rates, boost candidate satisfaction, and prioritise safety. Our dedicated and combined teams work closely with clients to ensure the highest levels of compliance are met, providing peace of mind and confidence in our solutions.

Achieving talent success in aviation with Pontoon, Adecco, and Akkodis

Our customer, a leader in the aviation industry, turned to us for assistance in scaling their airline talent operations. Through collaboration with our sister brands, Pontoon successfully opened new talent markets for contingent roles by optimising the supply base to focus on remote workers. Tapping the power of the Adecco Group allowed us to source 400 roles in a few months. Both Akkodis and Adecco Staffing supported by filling a portion of the contract roles.

We shifted from experience-based to skill-based hiring, reducing cycle times and increasing throughput. We leveraged a third-party talent assessment platform that significantly improved the quality of candidates submitted to requisitions. This implementation also had a positive impact on the submit-to-interview ratio.

Pontoon’s ability to bring together the key players from across the Adecco Group enabled us to be the architect of our customer’s success. Our capability to coordinate multiple resources and teams also helps our clients attract talent through direct sourcing, breaking free of the traditional perm vs. temp recruitment mindset where sourcing is solely entrusted to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Accessing top contingent talent through direct sourcing

Pontoon’s revamped Global Delivery Network (GDN) is critical in helping to drive direct sourcing initiatives for our clients. Our evolution into a global and integrated delivery network has transformed candidate experience and customer outcomes, offering various value-added solutions. These include accelerating your contingent recruitment with employer-branded talent communities and offering flexibility to support niche recruiting initiatives by tapping Akkodis for engineering and IT sourcing and Adecco for blue-collar, manufacturing and retail roles.

Pontoon Direct is our direct sourcing solution for attracting and captivating contingent talent. Our dedicated team collaborates with clients to realise the immense potential of direct sourcing in hiring contractors. We support customers with any operational shifts necessary for setting up a successful direct sourcing function.

For example, Pontoon filled three urgent positions with candidates requiring a new skill set. Using a dynamic collaboration between our programme team, direct sourcing specialists, and the GDN, we implemented a tailored shared services strategy for talent sourcing, screening, and recruitment. As a result, we were able to extend three job offers and secure two new hires in an impressive timeframe of just 13 days. A significant benefit of working with an MSP like Pontoon is that it helps streamline our clients’ contingent recruitment process.

Customised supplier partner strategy

Although we offer access to a robust global supply chain network in all our MSP programmes, in some cases, a hybrid preferred vendor model has many advantages, with Adecco as the primary supplier partner.

With this setup, Pontoon can offer an end-to-end solution that creates a competitive advantage for our clients in their local markets by creating brand awareness, cultivating a local presence and developing cost saving opportunities.

By having a primary supplier, our clients build strategic relationships locally, saving time and money while minimising the administrative burden of a multiple-supplier partner model.

Centralised governance and compliance

Managing legal and compliance legislative changes is part of the continually evolving workforce landscape. Compliance management has become a major challenge for businesses with the changing employment landscape and strict legal regulations.

In partnership with the Adecco Group, Pontoon possesses a distinctive advantage in accessing local legal expertise. This invaluable resource allows us to address complex operational hurdles for our clients effectively. Our collaboration enables us to tap into region-specific legal guidance. This means we can provide tailored recommendations and solutions that ensure compliance with the intricacies of each jurisdiction.

Notably, as a solution of the Adecco Group, Pontoon has access to public affairs and legal subject matter experts. These experts provide key takeaways and action items that we then pass to our supplier partners and clients.

Final thoughts: Taking your MSP to the next level

When you partner with Pontoon and the Adecco Group, rest assured that we will build a strategic, long-term solution for the future of work. Our collaborative solution offers a unique capability to elevate your MSP programme.

With an extensive reach, unmatched supply chain expertise, and industry-leading compliance capabilities, we tailor our services to meet your business goals. Our commitment to helping you achieve success aligns with the Adecco Group’s mission to making the future work for everyone.

Embrace the power of collaboration and experience its transformative impact on your business. Reach out to us today and realise the full potential of your talent acquisition strategy.

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