Talent sourcing for niche skills has never been faster

Talent sourcing for niche skills has never been faster


A collaborative approach to talent sourcing 

Our client urgently needed to hire Robotic Process Automation (RPA) analysts, a new and niche skill set. Typically, filling such specialised roles can take a long time, but we aimed to expedite the process. We formed a collaborative team consisting of our programme team, direct sourcing experts, and Global Delivery Network (GDN) teams.

Thanks to a nimble shared services approach to sourcing, screening, and recruiting talent, the client could respond to their immediate business with two high-quality hires secured in just 13 days.

The challenge

Sourcing talent for an entirely new niche skill

Our existing client needed to hire Robotic Process Automation (RPA) analysts. Pontoon’s programme team sought support from our direct sourcing experts who use our clients’ employer brands to source contingent talent from pre-vetted talent communities.

This time, however, the skillset was entirely new, meaning we had no readily-available candidate pool to source from. The team had to design a sourcing strategy that would quickly produce quality niche candidates.

How we helped

Direct sourcing and global delivery team-up

Our direct sourcing team received a seven-day head-start to pipeline candidates before distributing the requisition to the supply chain. The team internalised the sourcing and screening capabilities from across our Global Delivery Network to enable a swift and successful hiring process.

The sourcing team used Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter postings, as well as data mining, to search for candidates. In less than two weeks, we successfully identified 42 candidates.

From this pool, we carefully selected and shortlisted 23 individuals for further screening. The selection was then swiftly narrowed down to six RPA Analysts, who were then screened and submitted for hiring manager review.


Accelerated talent sourcing for niche skills

After the sourcing and screening process, accelerated by Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network, our team interviewed four highly qualified candidates. The client received three offers in just 13 business days, which eventually resulted in two hires. With swift access to niche skill talent, the client could continue their operations with minimal disruption.


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