How we designed a scalable solution for a high-volume summer job programme

How we designed a scalable solution for a high-volume summer job programme


A scalable solution for a high-volume student job programme

Our client, a leading pet healthcare company, hosts an annual summer job programme for 450 veterinary students. Due to a tight deadline and a large number of applicants, the customer sought a fast, cost-effective, and scalable recruiting solution. By tapping into the power of our Global Delivery Network (GDN), Pontoon was able to screen over 1,000 candidates and hire 438 talented individuals for this competitive summer job programme.

The challenge

High volume of applications and a tight deadline

Due to the summer job programme’s popularity, the client was receiving a high volume of applications each year. Processing all applications to select and hire 450 people posed a substantial challenge for our client – especially since all eligible candidates needed a behavioural phone interview.

How we helped

Screening ramp-up tailored to the client’s needs

Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network stepped in to offer screening and hiring support.

Within the first week after the go-live, Pontoon and client representatives hosted a project-specific training. Our task was to ensure that each side understood expectations and timelines.

To meet our client’s needs, we conducted intake calls with animal hospitals where the students would work for the summer. By checking in with the hospitals to cover their specific requirements, we targeted the screening better, ensuring high candidate quality.

Using our tried and tested delivery model powered by Pontoon’s GDN, we quickly created a scalable team of recruiters. Our recruiters meticulously assessed the applications and conducted phone screenings to ensure a swift and efficient selection process.


Speed, quality, and an increased scope of partnership

In just five weeks, Pontoon reviewed 1,235 applications and conducted phone interviews with 1,016 eligible candidates. We filled 438 positions for our client’s summer job programme, which added up to a fill rate of 97,3%.

This successful collaboration led to the development of an enhanced consultative relationship between Pontoon and the client where both parties valued their respective knowledge, resources, and skills.

By earning the client’s trust, we could support them with their additional externship programmes. As our business relationship increased in scope, Pontoon secured a high-volume hiring partnership with the client’s parent company.


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