Closing the gender gap at a technology customer

Closing the gender gap at a technology customer


Closing the gender gap by 2023

Our long-time technology customer is making strides to close the gender gap in their organisation.

They aim to have a 60/40 split of male to female employees by 2023.

The challenge

Building gender equality into hiring practices

To achieve our customer’s goal, we partnered with their Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead to fully understand the corporate strategy and pinpoint where change was needed.

The team examined strategic pipelines to identify which can be targeted to exceed the 25% shortlist of required female candidates.

To show how many women were in the process, weekly AI analysis reports were pulled.

How we helped

Technology-assisted DE&I initiatives

We partnered with a tech platform to expand the customer’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts and utilise their site as a hiring channel for the intended candidate audience.

To increase visibility, we implemented a video application tool that produces video-based job descriptions that showcase female leadership and reach active applicants with details of what they can expect throughout the candidate experience.

We also invested in a recruitment tool that specialised in text analysis to optimise job postings with verbiage that appeals to women.

Leveraging our sister brand to improve EVP

We identified an opportunity to develop our customer’s Employee Value Proposition to attract the female workforce better.

Our Adecco Group sister brand, Penna, supported employer branding efforts by restructuring job descriptions to eliminate unconscious bias and ultimately attract more female applicants.

Penna was also able to incorporate critical benefits that specifically impact women into our customer’s job descriptions.


Championing the woman-forward workforce

Our market intel allowed the customer to see how they stacked up against their competition.

Based on the findings, the customer was able to design social media campaigns including videos highlighting a day in the life at the company and why our customer is an excellent choice for the woman-forward workforce.

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