Women in Technology

Women in Technology


A global commitment to gender diversity

Our customer is a leading provider of ICT services with a portfolio ranging across Networks, Digital Services, Managed Services and Emerging Business.

They publicly committed to a global target of achieving a 30% female workforce; years prior, their global workforce was 23% female.

As the global RXO provider, we support five regions across 97 countries and deliver 11,000 hires per year.

We partnered with our customer to support the goal through strategic talent acquisition improvements.

The challenge

Programme implementation and enhancements

To drive our customer’s initiative, our teams needed to consult on and implement several programme enhancements including:

  • Altering our global SLA to include gender diversity metrics throughout the talent acquisition process
  • Making a conscious effort to cast a wider net in sourcing to attract more female candidates

With a definitive metric of 30% females shortlisted to hiring managers, we carefully reviewed all gender diversity stats as they moved through the hiring funnel.

How we helped

Dedicated diversity team members + increased pipeline

We began by designating diversity consultants for each of the five regions we support.

These team members are dedicated to developing and executing diversity strategies within their region and work closely with the customer’s devoted diversity leaders.

To bring more female applicants into the pipeline, we had a targeted list of diversity job boards, social media sites, and networking groups that we engage with.

We researched and recommend universities with strong female engineering populations for the customer to partner with and tagged Silver Medallist diversity candidates in the ATS so they can be easily sourced for the next open role.

Employee referrals are typically a strong source for gender diversity, so we partnered with the customer to create a specific referral bonus to encourage more recommendations.

To ensure continued success, our teams and the customer met monthly in a round table discussion to continue to drive the talent branding and innovation.


Changing culture + quality funnel

By casting a wider net for more gender-diverse applicants, the quality remained throughout the entire hiring funnel.

This resulted in 28.5% females accepting offers.

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