How we streamlined NPS performance through a CRM platform

How we streamlined NPS performance through a CRM platform


Highlighting the importance of feedback

Creating a continuous loop of customer feedback is critical for evolving our services and driving our programmes to offer an unmatched experience to our customers.

Pontoon and our customers have participated in The Adecco Group’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which is designed to capture constructive feedback from our key stakeholders and business partners.

The ability to understand our current customers is paramount as we look to increase retention and show the industry that feedback matters.

The challenge

Creating a centralised process

Prior to this year, the NPS surveys have been conducted with no central tool to organise the findings and track project progress as each milestone was completed.

We knew there was opportunity to implement a tool to create a more organised approach that could help drive faster and more impactful results back to our customers.

The implementation of a unified system of record would enable Pontoon to be effective in our stakeholder education efforts, specifically on the importance of the NPS, and provide regular communication ahead of survey release date, participation rates and results data.

Each of these factors would contribute to a better value back to our customers by effectively conducting the survey and identifying improvement actions from the results.

How we helped

This project was built on a four-phase plan.

The common thread of each part of this integration was to ensure customer stakeholders were educated on the purpose of the NPS survey and that the feedback we collected could be actioned on to improve the programme thus enhancing the experience of our customer.

Phase one: collecting the data

The CRM team took lead by importing historical and current NPS survey data to present the organisation with powerful reporting, analytical and dashboard views.

This would help them to gain deep insights into feedback, performance and responses to the forthcoming NPS action Plans.

Phase two: design and implementation of the action plan

This component enabled the creation, engagement and tracking of all activities for each NPS survey feedback.

Each account owner will have transparency and accountability to the customer feedback, along with the ability to derive best practices by evaluating which activities have the greatest impact to the customer and their perception/scoring.

This eco-system sharing will facilitate broad consensus across our teams, while eliminating duplication of actions.

Phase three: Engaging and automating

Phase three was centred around engagement automation to facilitate consistent approaches to valuable customer feedback, and to sustain or improve scoring data.

The automation was designed to engage account owners with NPS feedback at time of survey data import.

Based on the nature of the feedback, account owners will receive an automated email from Salesforce with the following information:

  • Providing the NPS scoring & feedback
  • Describing the NPS scoring and how this information should be interpreted
  • A link to an automatically-created NPS Action Plan
  • Suggested common NPS activities/tasks to take to sustain or improve scoring
  • Instructions to begin filling out the action plan along with tasks that will be done

Phase four: design and implementation of reporting and analytics

By leveraging customised reporting and dashboards programme directors could dive deeply into a current/historical information that will establish knowledge on several levels:

  • What accounts have the most change, and why?
  • What activities did we take that improved our scoring?
  • What timing of the activities is best suited to each customer?

Paving the way for continuous improvement

The work done in 2020 to create, integrate and automate the process, along with engagement across the Sales channel on feedback are game changers for the way we listen to our market.

 “By developing this project, we are now able to use the power of Salesforce by easily collecting, tracking and sharing data. This enable us to focus our effort on our customer relationship and move from a great to an excellent customer experience” – Kaithline LARMIGNY, Project Manager

This implementation had an immediate effect of establishing a database encompassing the 2019 NPS scores.

Going forward, all scores can be captured, feedback immediately served to our account teams, and we will be able to tailor/customise our actions to sustain or improve based on this feedback.

Our goal is to provide a pathway to continuously improve our services and interactions with our customer base.

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