How we used an intelligent tool to enhance experience

How we used an intelligent tool to enhance experience


A new chatbot experience

In every interaction, communication and experience are crucial to customers, partners, internal stakeholders, and everyone in between.

Creating an experience through our chatbot needed to do more than just be a conduit for a website visitor to an email box.

The existing bot on our website acted as a standalone tool to receive information and relay it to a mailbox where further qualification and manual processing where needed.

The challenge

Improving baseline functionality

Today, more than 41% of customers expect live chat on websites and more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time and online, rather than call a company for support.

Speed and connectivity were also lacking due to the limitations of the tool that was already in place.

Users visiting the website and inquiring about services and benefits need to be connected with the proper subject matter expert promptly while the interest was still peaked.

A new solution was needed to replace the old bot with an intelligent tool connected to our other platforms whilst providing a positive and personalised experience for the user.

How we helped

Customising for our customers’ experience

The tool we implemented needed to create a sound customer experience, locate and deliver information that would accurately satisfy a prospect’s inquiry, and do so quickly.

It also needed to be integrated with our CRM platform to pull relevant information for that prospect based on past interactions and create relevant notes tied to their profile in our database to lend for future conversations.

The tool was built on workflows that pulled information from within the CRM and other sources to provide guided questions for the prospect and, in turn, produce educational and informative information back to them.

The workflows were built with the intention to get answers back to the prospective customer quickly and all in one instance.

Through A/B testing and piloting in different markets, we evolved the workflows to become even more efficient by tweaking the questions, statements, and responses to ensure the bot would provide exactly what the end-user was looking for.

Features of the bot allow better interaction and personalised experience to potential customers and enables faster engagement from sales development leaders through instant lead creation and chat transcription communication for further contact to be made.

Additional features of the AI-enabled tool used machine learning to redirect users to website subpages, offer case studies, further insight, and additional resources instantly based on interactions between the chatbot and the user.


A seamless communication tool that delivers information with speed and accuracy

Since implementation, there have been 16,376 Active Sessions with a 41.5% Engagement Rate, which is well above industry benchmarks.

Of 6700+ engaged conversations, 100% have had introductory investigative conversations that have been routed to the respective team automatically after each conversation.

This allows us to have 24/7 support to field inquiries from customers regardless of region or topic.

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