How we used RPO Digital to hire with speed and quality

How we used RPO Digital to hire with speed and quality


An expedited solution

Our customer needed to hire 400 sales managers and associates within three months, making rapid deployment essential.

The scope included five individual waves of hiring, each consisting of 186 stores across America and Canada.

The challenge

Starting from scratch

Prior to implementation, there was no pipeline of candidates in the customer’s ATS.

An additional challenge was training an entirely new hiring manager population.

With go live in four weeks, we decided RPO Digital was the perfect solution for this talent need.

How we helped

Incorporating our tech with existing systems

To meet the customer’s deadline, we began implementation immediately.

RPO Digital’s design integrated the customer’s existing systems and added tech that identified and disqualified candidates using clear knockout questions early in the application process.

By using a master vendor for niche locations and multiple sourcing platforms, our team build a steady flow of qualified candidates.

Launched in record time, this out-of-the-box solution successfully delivered high quality talent at the speed necessary to meet the customer’s expectations.


Achieving speed and quality

With the efficiency of RPO Digital, we were able to:

  • Screen 4500 candidates
  • Hire 457 people
  • Produce an interview to hire ratio of 2:1
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