How we built a direct sourcing solution for our Swiss MSP programme

How we built a direct sourcing solution for our Swiss MSP programme


Bringing innovation to our client's service

With the launch of Pontoon’s direct sourcing solution for a Financial Services customer in Switzerland, we introduced an entirely new concept to our country-wide operations.

As part of Pontoon Direct, we leveraged our client’s respected brand to attract and engage external workers without traditional staffing.

The challenge

New model needed for streamlined delivery

In the original MSP setup we designed for the client a few years back, their contingent talent recruitment was managed exclusively through staffing agencies. Suppliers were categorised into tiering groups and competed to fill roles in their fields of specialisation. The old model had run its course and could no longer deliver cost and time savings to our customer.

To create a more efficient and cost-effective sourcing channel for frequently recurring job profiles, we introduced Pontoon Direct. By implementing the direct sourcing component, we could attract talent for frequent external assignments without supplier support.

How we helped

Designing an optimal sourcing strategy

Pontoon’s sourcing and recruitment team, based in Switzerland and Poland, managed the contingent profiles assigned to the direct sourcing route. The requisitions included IT, audit and compliance, finance and HR professionals.

Deploying an active search strategy was crucial. Our team focused the sourcing efforts on social media and targeted the local online communities dedicated to the Financial Services industry to attract talent.

Pontoon’s experts built a talent pool of vetted candidates that were ready to be tapped for open roles as soon as needed. The shared talent community was also available for the bank’s internal recruitment teams.

The job postings were linked to our client’s career site and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system, clearly labelled as temporary opportunities. Our customer’s strong employer brand was crucial for engaging top talent – advertising roles on their website expanded our reach to an impressive pool of potential candidates.

When the best talent was selected, our payrolling partner took over the contractual processing and salary administration, acting as the employer of record for the customer’s external staff.

For complex niche profiles or high-volume projects, the MSP continued to work with preferred suppliers to ensure excellent service across all job families.


Streamlined programme with cost and time savings achieved

We realised cost savings of 7% through direct sourcing compared to agency-sourced profiles.

We reduced the time-to-fill by 24%.

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