How we deployed a sourcing bot to create an automated hiring solution

How we deployed a sourcing bot to create an automated hiring solution


A need for an innovative solution

Our customer, a leader in the technology and communication sector, needed an upgraded solution to source, prequalify, and screen candidates given challenges to applicant flow for multiple open roles for various highly skilled positions.

We needed to bring an innovative solution to combat the influx in position volume, niche roles, and diversity sourcing, all at the same time.


How we helped

To address all pain points, we proposed an automated data mining solution to source and filter more qualified candidates for the shortlist. By automating this activity, we enabled recruiters and sourcers to focus their time on hard-to-fill positions and more strategic activities like diverse talent sourcing.

After finalising search requirements and programming, we introduced a sourcing bot into the ATS to systematically source qualified candidates for multiple client requisitions.

The bot is capable of sifting through thousands of candidate profiles and communicating with them via email. Candidates that respond positively are invited to apply in the ATS or are added to our customer Talent Communities in real-time.

It is also programmed to source and upload profiles into the ATS during business hours and through the evening and weekend to maximise efficiency.

Our sourcing team then validates the responses and pursues suitable and qualified talent for the role.


Increasing bot productivity and decreasing hours for the human team

With the bot having after-hours capability, more hours are given back to the recruiting and sourcing team or pursuing hard-to-fill positions and diversity goals.


A tech driven human support team

When programmed to source candidates for core roles, the bot can achieve 30% more efficiency compared to a human sourcer average.

Human touch can never be replaced, however, the bot’s productivity can free up time for sourcers and recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks. Together, the team and bot work in tandem to co-create a powerful sourcing engine.

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